taekwondo uniform


Without a doubt Taekwondo is one of the most spectacular martial arts there is, not just because of a number of kicks (each more spectacular than the next) but also because of the speed in which they are performed.

And if that is not enough, take into consideration that this type of martial art has become more and more popular around the world to the point of becoming an official Olympic sport in Tokyo 2020.

The impressiveness and quickness of this martial art have made it a choice not only for those who wear a Taekwondo Uniform but also of those who practice another type of Martial Arts like MMA fighters.

The acceptance of this martial arts style has led to more and more sports networks to go and broadcast competitions all over the world.

And from this filmed material is that we have today.

Some of the best Taekwondo Moves that have been caught on tape.


  1. There’s no doubt that in all contact sports, and regardless of the use of protective gear, the risk of a knockout is always present, our first video depicts impressive knockouts that have occurred in different Taekwondo competitions:



  1. Like we mentioned before, not just those who wear a Taekwondo Uniform are able to perform impressive moves. There are those who have Taekwondo as one of many martial arts they dominate and excel in, and that later use in competition, we talk of course, of Mixed Martial Artists (MMA), here are some knockouts obtained by using Taekwondo in MMA fights:

  1. The Olympic games are without a doubt the place where the best of the best show up in their respective disciplines and come from around the world. It will not be until Tokyo 2020 that Taekwondo will be an official sport, yet it has been an exhibition sports for several editions now, the following video depicts some of the best moves ever performed during these exhibitions:



  1. Films, specifically action movies have found in the quickness and impressiveness of Taekwondo a martial art style suitable for this kind of productions. This is especially true in Asian countries, where this kind of movies are consumed massively, therefore here we give you a video depicting some of the best Taekwondo kicks and sequences performed in movies all over the world:



  1. There is no doubt that one of the most impressive kicks in Taekwondo is the “Tornado Kick”, and there is also no doubt that one of the best performers of this particular kick in the world is the German fighter Servet Tazegul, nicknamed “The Tornado Kick Fighter” in this video, we show you why:



As you can see, the impressiveness of Taekwondo, the speed in which it moves (especially kicks) are performed, have attracted the attention of public all over the world and of all ages who admire and watch in awe, either in competition or in film, the performances of those who one day decided to wear a Taekwondo Dobok and excelled above everyone else.