Learning Taekwondo means starting a new way of life that will change how you see and react to every stimulus around you, and how you face every challenge in life.

And all that begins the minute you wear your Taekwondo Uniform for the first time.

Differently, from what happens in other martial art styles, the Taekwondo Uniform can have variations that are dictated by the rank achieved by the practitioner, like for example a red and black stripe when the red and black belt is achieved.

There is also the pants color variation, like blue, black or golden. That makes watching a demonstration more interesting and colorful.

But on today’s topic, we are to talk about how a beginner’s dobok is supposed to look like and its meaning.

Let’s start by saying that the uniform worn by those who begin their way in Taekwondo is completely white, from the jacket to the pants and to the belt.

taekwondo uniform

The meaning behind this is that it is like a painter’s canvas.

Ready to be imbued with a new masterpiece, in this case, ready to receive new knowledge. And like the canvas, it is eager and ready to receive and to absorb all this knowledge.

Also, it must be comfortable and elastic, this considering that the new student is adapting to the new martial arts style and is learning not just the basic principles but also learning about the uniform itself.

The Start

One of the first things learned by the new practitioners is how to tie the belt, as with any martial arts, there’s a way to work this out, and after learning how to get the pants and jacket on and be comfortable on them, the practitioner needs to learn how to tie the belt, taekwondo style.

To do this you need to follow this sequence: Start by finding the center of the belt, the best way to do this is by putting the two ends together, then place that center in your belly button and wrap it completely around yourself.

Find the two ends in front of you, now bring the left end and get it over the right, grab the ends with your left hand tucking the left end under, then place the right side over the left.

Continue by taking the bottom flap and proceed to wrap it around the right piece and pass it through the hole. You’ll see that this creates a knot.

End by snapping it a few times so it is tight around you.

Don’t worry if you can’t get it done in your first tries

Part of your learning experience in the start will be mastering how to work your belt around you.

Remember, your belt is the first giveaway of how much you have excelled in your way learning Taekwondo.

taekwondo uniform

Among all the pieces of your uniform, the belt is the one that you must respect the most. And the more you advance in rank, the more respect you will give it and it will bring to you.

So there you are, a completely white canvas ready to become a Taekwondo masterpiece.