Taekwondo is one if not the youngest martial arts in the world today.
And even though it has spread around the world very quickly and furthermore became an Olympic sport, first as an exhibition sport, now in Tokyo 2020, a full Olympic discipline, there’s a lot of people who is not in the knowledge of what it represents and what it is.
Therefore, today we want to help you know as much as possible with a series of questions that we
intend to answer.

  1. So, Taekwondo comes from China, right? Actually, no, Taekwondo was created in South Korea back in the 1940s after the first world war when Koreans that learned martial arts in China and Japan created their own martial arts style that came to be known as Taekwondo.
  2. Do they really have a name for their uniform? Yes, the Taekwondo uniform is called Dobok and for beginners is completely white, so next time you see Taekwondo, you’ll know that their uniform is called Taekwondo Dobok.
    taekwondo dobok
  3. So, why is it that there are red, blue, golden and black pants in the Taekwondo Dobok? Well, in Taekwondo the belt is not the only thing that shows the rank of a practitioner, the Dobok does it as well, for instance, if you see a practitioner wearing red pants it means you’re in the presence of a red belt and if it is black then you’re before a Master.
  4. Is there a meaning for the colored stripes on a Taekwondo Jacket? Yes. Actually there are two ways in which you can see color stripes in a Taekwondo Dobok jacket, they can be red and black or black, representing the rank and belt color of the practitioner wearing it.
    taekwondo dobok
  5. Is there a meaning for the colors in the Taekwondo Belts? Yes, each color represents not just the advancement of the practitioner in the ways of Taekwondo but also it reflects the relation between mind, nature and body.
  6. Why do they use protective gear in competitions? Well, one of the reasons is that no matter how much you try, there will always be the risk of injuring yourself or your partner during a match, so by regulation the use of protective gear is a must.
  7. Is it real that the protective gear is electronic? Yes. Due to the speed of the kicks in Taekwondo it became complicated for the referees and judges to determine contact during official competition so the protective gear was improved with electronic sensors that allow for everyone to know if contact occurs so the points are awarded accordingly.
  8. So, when you learn Taekwondo all you learn is how to fight? No. You learn a new lifestyle in which all you learn will become the last resource you will use when in conflict. It will teach you balance of body and mind.

taekwondo dobok

As you can see Taekwondo is a discipline that involves both body and mind and contrary to belief it helps you change your life for the best.