taekwondo gear


When practicing taekwondo there’s nothing more important than the Taekwondo gear you wear, not only because it will give you comfort while practicing but also because it will protect you, both in practice and in competitive combat.

So today we want to show you the best items JCalicu has to offer in our wide line of Taekwondo gear:

  1. Shin Protectors: Our shin protectors are designed to provide the best protection when throwing a kick, it will protect but the fighter throwing the kick as well as the fighter receiving it reducing impact damage. Also, it has an anti-slip protection so it will remain in place no matter how intense your combat becomes.
  2. Forearm Protectors: It is no secret that the more you train the more intensity you’ll put in everything you do, which can also mean a risk of injury either to yourself or your sparring partner, that’s why we have designed our forearm protectors with the idea of keeping your arms safe either in an offensive or defensive maneuver. They also have an anti-slip interior which guarantees that no matter the intensity of your training or combat, it will remain in place.
  3. Head Protection: When training there’s nothing like being protected especially in a sensitive area as the head, one needs to understand that it takes a long time to master control and speed and there’s chance that you might hit someone with excessive force and cause an undesired injury, therefore it is not only recommended but in competition is a must to wear head protection in order to avoid unnecessary injuries.
  4. Gloves: Protecting your hands is also important when doing Taekwondo training or when doing competitive combat and like it happens with other protective gear, a must when competing, as mentioned above it takes time and experience to master control of your strength and speed so the use of protective gear is critical.
  5. Groin Protection: Another delicate part, especially for men is between the legs so there’s also a need to protect that area, our protective gear provides comfort and flexibility which allows for the fighter to move as desired while at the same time remain protected.

One needs to remember that injuries do not only come from direct blows from the hands, arms or legs, they can also come accidentally, that’s why during Olympic and official competitions, rulings ask for the wearing of at least, body and head protection. The idea, and we will say it again, is to keep the fighters from severe injuries while competing. Let’s remember that in competition the idea is to score points, not to injure your opponent as opposed to a real-life scenario.

Also, it is important that protection does not impair the fighter from moving comfortably and being able to kick and punch as desired, one of the secrets of a good protective gear for taekwondo is to allow the fighter to remain fast and strong while at the same time keep his body correctly protected.

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