Nicknamed “Big Girl” Amanda Bluford has worn her Taekwondo Dobok for an official competition back in 2011, at this time she has 16 registered fights out of which she has won 11 resulting in an impressive 68.8% average.

She graduated in 2014 from Armstrong Robbinsdale Highschool where she was already in her way to be a Taekwondo Master.

She saw her first competition in 2007 on the USAT Junior Olympics where she was able to conquer the bronze medal, a very impressive achievement for her first experience. She went and conquered the gold medal the following year at the USAT Desmoines National Qualifier in the Jr. Welter division.

taekwondo dobok

That same year she participated in two more tournaments (The Manitoba Open and the USAT Junior Olympics) where she conquered Gold and Silver medals which started to show the impressiveness of this taekwondo practitioner.

2009 saw her earning four gold medals and one bronze medal corresponding to each of the tournaments in which she participated, among them US OPEN, the Montreal Open, and once more the USAT Junior Olympics.

Her achievements are not by chance as she was a pupil of Taekwondo Master Eui Lee who saw her training and prepared her to be the incredible athlete she is today. 2010 was not a good year for Amanda though as an injury kept her away from the competition being her only participation in the Junior World Team Trials where she got the first place in said competition.

taekwondo dobok

She returned to action in 2011 where she participated in three competitions where she was able to conquer silver and bronze medals along with a 3rd place being the most important USAT Junior Olympics and the USAT Junior National Team Trials.

Her last participation was last year when she participated in the US Senior National Team Trials where she ended up in 1st place as well as participating in the US Senior Tag Team as a prominent member.

As she is about to finish high school she’s already planning for her college years being the University of Miami the place of choice as she is very fond of the tropical climate of the south of the United States, she also mentioned in a press interview that aside from the US she’s also fond of countries like Costa Rica which have the same tropical climate that she loves.

taekwondo dobok

But if you think that the prospect of becoming a college student is going to deter her from wearing her Taekwondo Dobok, you’re quite mistaken as her future plans also include participating in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games as well as the 2024 Paris Olympic games. This can only mean one thing: her Taekwondo career is all but far from over.

Being a frequent traveller, she finds solace and entertainment in modern technology, one of her favorites, watching movies in online platforms like Netflix, either in her hotel room or on the road itself.