taekwondo black belt


It is no secret that after a run as professional and Olympic Taekwondo athletes decide to make a try in entertainment business, some of them achieving a high degree of fame and showing incredible skills in each of the movies they performed, that is why today we want to show you, what we believe, are the best Taekwondo kicks in movies:


  1. Jean Claude Van Damme

Without a doubt one of the most famous martial artists in movies in the past few years is Jean Claude Van Damme, he’s a Taekwondo black belt and has an arsenal of impressive kicks as shown in one of his most iconic movies, Bloodsport:

  1. Bren Foster

Another Taekwondo athlete that saw his way in the entertainment business was Bren Foster, although he’s far from reaching the heights of others like Jean Claude Van Damm, he has his share of movies where he has shown is impressive skills, one of them, Force Of Execution alongside Steven Seagal:

  1. Eric Roberts

Another action star  of the 80s (although he became more famous for his movies in the last ten years), Roberts starred in “Best of the Best” where he displayed a wide array of Taekwondo kicks and punches:

  1. Scott Adkins

This 4th Dan Taekwondo Black Belt became famous with his character Boyka in the now famous Undisputed to later appear in blockbusters like The Expendables 2 and Deadpool where he performed the action sequences that Ryan Reynolds could not:

  1. Donnie Yen

This Chinese martial artist is proficient not just in Taekwondo but also in other martial arts like Jeet Kune Do, Aikido, Muai Thai, Judo and Ju-Jitsu he has being not just a participant but also a choreographer in many Chinese and US movies, he’s famous for his scene along boxing legend Mike Tyson in the movie IP Man 3:

As we can see Taekwondo is one of the martial arts that have not just provided a wide amount of Olympic gold medalists and champions nowadays but also which has been providing the entertainment business with stars that have transcended time and became iconic with their on-screen characters.