One of the things we have expressed throughout our series of articles is the fact that Taekwondo is a martial art devoted not just to teach kicks and punches but to teach a way of life, a way of keeping your body and your mind in perfect balance.

And that’s why it is a perfect way to train a young mind, Taekwondo offers the opportunity to kids to route their energies into something that is not just positive in terms of keeping them healthy, it will give them the opportunity to learn a martial art that will guide them in a way which will teach them how to respect others, how to keep calmed under stressful circumstances and how to make better decisions in life.

Remember that the first thing a Taekwondo practitioner does is a session of physical exercise and this is excellent for kids as they will not only burn a lot of energy but also keep themselves fit.

Remember one thing, kids, especially boys, love to throw punches and kicks, and what’s not better to do this but a controlled environment like the one provided in a Taekwondo school? They will learn how to do it correctly, to feel challenged and of course, feel the desire to grow and earn new belts alongside learning new ways in this martial art.


Well, for a start remember that there have been a lot of girls and women who have excelled at Taekwondo throughout the ages, girls can find in Taekwondo a way to be empowered and to be physically and mentally stronger, to face challenges and to prove themselves time and time again.

This martial art will give girls tools that will help them not just when practicing or using this martial art but throughout their lives.

Why? Because one of the things they will learn is DISCIPLINE. And this goes for boys too.

Taekwondo offers one important benefit for young practitioners: Mental Training. As they move on in their path to this martial art they learn more and more complex combinations of kicks and punches which require of them to be coordinated and to exercise their memory skills to remember each and every one of them and learn how to perform them correctly.

Also, they learn valuable lessons that they can apply in every aspect of their lives, for example, they learn that to achieve something they need work and work hard, and when they achieve it, they will see it was worthwhile.

They learn that it is OK to fall but it is more important to get up and try again. And again until they can do it. The look on a child when they work for something and after trying and failing they finally get it done is priceless.

And this is very important because the more they learn and practice they also build their self-esteem and their confidence. This is very critical because they will become sure of themselves and this, during life, is something that will help them get far ahead.

So, is Taekwondo good for children, we think you can answer that now.