taekwondo techniques

Taekwondo Techniques and Combinations

Taekwondo is a type of martial arts composed of a combination of speed and powerful kicks and punches, but also by a series of techniques designed for specific tasks, like for example the Neomgigi designed to swipe drop your opponent. Each of these techniques is designed to help you during sparring in order to gain an  advantage over your opponent.

The Neomgigi, as mentioned before is designed to help you bring down your opponent by grabbing the collar of whatever he or she is wearing at the same time as you push the chest and trip the knee or leg with your foot. A very powerful move.

There are pressure techniques like the Kkeokgi which is a move to apply pressure to the shoulder and arm (pressure that, at some point can either break the arm or dislocate the shoulder) and that can be tremendously painful.

But not all moves are designed to hurt or bring down, there are moves that are designed to help you prepare your next shot, like for example the Seogi that helps you change your point of gravity from one foot to the other in order to get you ready to perform a kick or any other move you choose, also there’s the Ditgi which is designed to help you move forward in an offensive manner getting you closer to your opponent in order to punch or kick as you choose. Variations of this technique allow for the performer to move back (Dora-Ditgi) diagonally (Mo-Ditgi) or to retreat (Mulleo-Ditgi), as a results there’s a variety of ways in which the performer can move around during combat while at the same time be at the ready to contain an opponent or initiate an offensive.

Another interesting technique in taekwondo is known as Japgi which, just like the Neomgigi is designed to hold your opponent while at the same time you use your arm to interfere with his movements.

Just for holding and moving around?

But not all taekwondo techniques are designed to block, hit or hurt, there are moves to help you relax and focus before you begin, like for instance the Junbijase the standard pose before starting a match and that gives the performer the chance to be either offensive or defensive depending on the instance needed.  There is also the Gyeopson which is simply standing with your arms crossed before you with one hand in front of the other ready to get in motion.

Techniques like Gibon-Junbi are very special because they need to be performed before you begin any Poomsae routine, it is a relaxed pose in which your legs are separated and your arms are in front of you.

The variety of techniques available in Taekwondo today are vast and it would take volumes to tell and explain them all here, but you need to be rest assured that if you decide to embrace this discipline of the martial arts you will learn each and every one of them and learn its secrets.