Taekwondo is known to be one of the martial arts that has spread quickly all over the world, almost all countries have a dojo where students can come and practice. It is also known as an Olympic sport when practiced not for self-defense but also for competition. Yet no matter what or why you practice it, there’s one common factor: Taekwondo is also a discipline.

taekwondo. If practiced as a martial art, success can be defined as being able to move from one belt to the other until you reach the black belt and become a master.

If practiced as an Olympic sport, it means to prepare (which means work hard many months ahead) and participate in regional, national, continental and finally in Olympic competition representing your nation.

This also means abiding by the rules set to get to this goal, for example, if you practice taekwondo for Olympic competition you will probably need to train two to three times a day not just taekwondo itself but also physical exercise to have the physical fit necessary.

And with this come sacrifices, because with training two to three times a day comes also to follow a specific nutrition plan set by your trainers so you can have the weight you need to compete, this means leaving behind several pleasures you might be fond of.

Young athletes that being their quest in taekwondo also take tests to determine how their mind is set on the goal ahead if they are ready to undertake it, meaning, for example, being asked not to practice other disciplines while in taekwondo training (this is especially important when getting ready for competition as you cannot get hurt).

Also, means sacrificing going out on Friday and Saturday nights and take very good care of oneself.

Discipline means also abide by your training schedule, practice harder, not missing your practices, take in mind the words of your trainers and understand the meaning of practicing this ancient martial art.

Discipline, Success, and Family

What this means is that if you really thrive for success in taekwondo you need to, first, listen, then put what you hear into practice.

There is no doubt that one critical factor to achieve success in this martial art, no matter if for competition or for self-defense, you need your family to support and back you up. This is especially important in young athletes who are starting their way into taekwondo as they need for their parents to be with them side by side to move on and support them.

And if they get into competition this becomes even more important as they are responsible for helping them keep their nutritional regime as well as support them to go on, the family is the most important pillar when you take a martial art like taekwondo as a discipline for life and for competition.