Being a Taekwondo coach doesn’t just mean wearing a different taekwondo uniform than the rest of the people in the gym, it means you have an enormous responsibility because you will be passing on to them the experience and training you have achieved during all the years you have been a trainee yourself.

One of the first things you need is logical, be a black belt with at least two to three Dan (it is important to note that the qualifications necessary to be considered a taekwondo coach vary from country to country and from organization to organization) because that means you have reached the top in the learning and dominate proficiently all aspects of taekwondo. You will, of course, need to take a coaching course that will help you learn how to teach and all related aspects.

But what else do I need to be a taekwondo coach

Let us bear in mind that it is one thing to know stuff and quite a different one to know how to teach it. In the coaching courses you learn aspects like:

Preparing a Class: This means all the planning necessary to determine what are you going to teach in every class in order to have enough time to teach and practice the required movements.

Demonstrate Warm Ups and Skills: Like we said you need to prepare and learn the correct way to demonstrate not just Taekwondo moves but also the warm up moves necessary to avoid injury.

Remember it’s not the same to do than to demonstrate and teach.

Break techniques into simple moves: This, although sounds simple, can be quite complicated but it is critical for students to learn complicated sequences.

Development of Individual Training Programs: This is also critical as well as it is important because while you will be mostly developing programs for groups, there will also be times when you will need to develop programs for individuals who would like to train individually.

Responsibility: As a taekwondo coach you will not only wear a taekwondo uniform that will distinguish you from your trainees but also you will have the responsibility of taking care of your students and teach them how to train responsibly and avoid injury.

As a registered coach, you will also be able to open your own gym and promote your classes as well as promote your students as they advance to higher belts, as we mentioned before you will be required to take two courses that will certify you as a coach.

It is not just getting a black belt, it is also about getting recognized by the local sports authorities, so we encourage you to take the two certification courses that are necessary to be acknowledged as a taekwondo coach.

A great responsibility

Also remember, once you become a coach, your students become your responsibility and you need to have that in mind from the minute you start the warm up routine (that you previously developed) until you start teaching them movements and skills.

Finally, don’t forget, you will be also responsible for evaluating your students. Any student you promote to a higher belt will be under your responsibility and you alone will be accountable for that.