taekwondo uniform


Taekwondo is a well-known martial art as well as a sport, and as such requires a high level of training and effort to achieve the goal you set for yourself, either become a taekwondo master or earning an Olympic medal. No matter which, it means you will need to train harder and harder as you go up the ladder and your trainers require more and of you.

Here comes what you wear for that matter. Your taekwondo uniform is a critical piece of the puzzle (believe us when we tell you it is not only designed to hold your belt) because you need to feel comfortable not just by wearing it but also when you train, both physically and when practicing kicks, forms, etc.

A good taekwondo uniform (like those made by firms like JCalicu for example) need to be as resistant as they need to be elastic. Why? Because you will put yourself in a very hard training that will include elasticity and speed. And it is important to say that you need to train using your uniform, yes, you could wear anything else for that matter, but if you are training for a competition you need to feel comfortable wearing that which you will have to yourself the minute you step in to grab the gold.

Also, athletes understand you never ever wear something new for competing, yes, it might sound weird, but it is true and with reason: you gear, no matter what sport is it for, needs to be tried and trained (yes, trained) before the actual competition, this will affect a variety of factors:

  1. You’ll know if it fits well and you are comfortable in it.
  2. You’ll know if it will resist the effort you’ll put in it.

These are very critical points as anything that doesn’t fit will be against you during the competition, and for taekwondo, that’s something you don’t need. And what about resisting the effort? Well, in taekwondo you’ll be kicking fast and strong, you’ll be jumping, if your taekwondo uniform doesn’t fit and breaks, it will be something playing against you.


When you select your gear, you need to go for a company that knows what it’s doing, an example might be JCalicu, their uniforms and sparring gear are the choice of gyms all over the country and are used not just for training for also for competition.

It is a good idea to ask your trainers what brand of gear and uniforms they prefer so you can follow in their steps and make a good choice.

A company that makes uniforms needs to know how to choose its materials as much as know the sport or martial art they are designed for. This helps because they know the exact needs of the athletes that will be wearing them and can even predict the resistance the cloth and other materials need to have.

So now you know, choose wisely.