taekwondo uniform


There is no doubt that Taekwondo is a martial art that devotes to strength and speed, and the minute you wear a Taekwondo Uniform you will learn how to be fast and effective when you connect either a punch or a kick, sometimes that will result in a knockout, today we show you the best so far:

One of the things we can learn from the images we have seen is that even though the video shows fights in Olympic competition, that does not mean a knockout can occur. And also we see the criticalness of wearing protection over the Taekwondo Uniform because were one of those hits impact the head directly it could lead to severe injuries.

You may be wondering how can this be if it is a competition, well remember what we said before, in Taekwondo you learn to punch and kick fast and strong, so when you engage in combat your goal is to win and to win you need to hit your opponent to get a point, but not every fighter is able to control the full strength of a punch or kick.

You probably have heard about MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), a first unknown now very well-known martial arts spectacle which gives fighters in different styles to clash against each other, and of course, those representing and knowing taekwondo participate and of course, without the protection used in Olympic competition, the risk of knockouts is higher, but alas, the idea and concept of the spectacle is actually to engage in full contact battle.

One of the curious things that we were able to see was that not all knockouts are the result of impacts to head, the video shows us several that are the result of hits to the abdomen or the chest which are the result of deflated lungs for example. Believe it or not the sheer trauma of this kind of hits can knockdown a person.

Perhaps the most curious one is where the impact is in the upper leg which brings the fighter to the ground and afterward to be knocked out. The reason, a direct impact on one of the main nervous terminations in the leg than causes not just a lot of pain but can even paralyze and force the fighter down even leading to being knocked out.

So all in all it is needed to understand that this is a contact martial art (you can call it sport if you want) and even if you are wearing protection (notice in the first video that there’s a contact in which the protection on the head flies away from the fighter) the risk will always be there to be knocked out or to cause a knockout regardless of where you hit your opponent and more so in MMA fights where there’s absolutely no protection and the risks are even higher not just of getting knocked out but also to get seriously injured (fractures are a constant in this practice).